The Best 30 DC Food Trucks

Photo1The food truck trend is exploding in the District. More than 200 trucks with intricate exterior designs and creative names roam the streets of DC and its surroundings, hoping to satisfy the day by day tastes, eagerness and budget of their customers.

Area food trucks offer an array of cuisine options. Their chefs often fuse the traditional flavors and cooking techniques of their own culture with ingredients to satisfy modern diners looking for gourmet food with an organic and healthy twist.

“Everything is from scratch,” said Brian Farrell, the owner of the Basil Thyme food truck. “We make all our own lasagna noodles, our own sauces, our own salad dressing, cannoli filling, etc. We buy top quality ingredients and don’t compromise when it comes to acquiring great talent. Our chef is the former sous-chef to Top Chef Master Susan Feineger – L.A’s “Street” restaurant – among others,” he said.

We see them everywhere, near office buildings, university campuses, metro stations, and around parks in the Beltway area.

Photo 2

And as they move, we have to go looking for them. Today, social networks like Twitter and Facebook allow us to find them through posts on daily locations and menus.

But with all these options out there, how does a hungry customer choose where to go?

“Review the Chew” presents our selection of the 30 best food trucks of the DC area. Data was taken from the number of Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers, as well as Yelp reviews and Yelp grade and was applied with a statistical formula to build an index of perception for each of the 200 food trucks reviewed, with more weight given to the Yelp grade component. A similar strategy was applied recently by The Daily Meal to rank the best 101 best food trucks in America.

The food trucks selected as the best of DC will take you on a journey through the foods of the world. You will find Italian, French, Spanish, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian, Ethiopian, Korean, Vietnamese, Mexican and Peruvian dishes, not to mention exquisite American cuisine such as delicious BBQ options or Connecticut and Maine style seafood rolls.

“On a cool day, you can warm yourself up with a Connecticut style Lobster roll, a bowl of authentic New England clam chowder and a warm apple cider,” claims the Red Hook Pound Food Truck on their website. “On one of Washington’s hot summer days, you will find people lined up around the block to get a taste of a fresh, Maine style lobster roll and washing it down with an authentic Maine Root Soda.”

The dishes served by these food trucks are designed to satisfy midday hunger, but if you have room for dessert, well-ranked food trucks also offer a delightful array of ice creams, cupcakes, cookies and mini donuts.

Check out the table  to help to information on where to go for your next lunch adventure.

Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck DC, ARL, FRFX, MONTG Maine and Connecticut style rolls and chowders
Fojol Bros Food Truck DC Indian, Ethiopian
Basil Thyme DC Food Truck DC Italian pasta
Pleasant Pops Food Truck DC Mexican ice pops
Pepe Food Truck DC Spanish
District Taco Food Truck ARL Mexican tacos
PORC Food Truck DC Pork meats – BBQ – sausages
Street Cream Food Truck DC Desserts and ice creams
Curley’s Q Food Truck MONTG BBQ meats and sides
Cirque Cuisine Food Truck DC, LOUD Global, vegetarian, gluten free
Captain Cookie Food Truck DC Cookies and ice cream
Choupi Food Truck ARL Crepes
Midnite Confections Cupcakery Food Truck DC Cupcakes
Carmen’s Italian Ice Food Truck MONTG Italian ice cream
Woodland’s Vegan Bistro Food Truck DC Organic vegetarian and vegan cuisine
Sinplicity Food Truck DC, ARL Ice creams, sorbets and treats
Rito Loco Food Truck DC Creative burritos
Stella’s PopKern Food Truck DC Gourmet popcorn
Pho Junkies Food Truck DC Vietnamese
Corned Beef King Food Truck MONTG Sandwiches and hotdogs
Korean BBQ Taco Box Food Truck DC Korean-American fusion
Top Dog Food Truck FRFX Gourmet hot dogs
Meski Healthy 2 Go Food Truck  DC Ethiopian
Mama’s Donut Bites Food Truck ARL Hot mini donuts
Seoul Food Food Truck ARL Korean fusion
Hardy’s BBQ Food Truck FRFX BBQ
Roaming Rotisserie Food Truck LOUD Rotisserie
Fava Pot Food Truck FRFX Middle Eastern
Los Lobos Burritos Food Truck MONTG Northern-Mexican burritos
Roving Italian Food Truck LOUD Italian

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