Peruvian Brothers Becomes First D.C. Food Truck to Accept Bitcoin

Courtesy, Peruvian Brothers

Courtesy, Peruvian Brothers

Digging in your pockets for cash or your credit card is a thing of the past at one local food truck, which is now taking digital payments for their grub.

This week, the Peruvian Brothers became the first D.C. food truck to accept Bitcoin, an open source “peer-to-peer” payment network and digital currency introduced in 2009.

“In an industry that has flourished under the digital age, food truck customers can track down their favorite foods prepared in a mobile kitchens using social media and geo-location, order their favorite dish and pay for their meal, all with their smartphone,” write the Peruvian Brothers on their website.

The Peruvian food truck is using Bitpay through an iPhone app that creates a QR code for customers to scan and transfer money to purchase their lunch through their Bitcoin wallet.

When accepting a payment through the service, the restaurant or food truck has the option to transfer the money directly into their bank account  or keep their Bitcoins as an investment that they can later cash in depending on the value of digital currency later on.

So why Bitcoin?

Because it offers business owners lower payment processing and more secure transactions.

“For a small business, these perks are unmatched,” write the Peruvian Brothers. “In the simplest transaction, a sandwich is sold for Bitcoin which is then instantly sold to Bitpay for its current dollar market value, insulating the vendor from the fluctuations in the Bitcoin market and charging a fraction of the traditional credit card exchange rates.  The result is more profit for the loving attention put into each and every one of the Peruvian Brothers signature Pan Con Chicharron and Quinoa Salads.”


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