D.C. Food Trucks Don’t Slow Down for the Holidays

When it gets cold outside, some food trucks in the D.C. area say they have to get creative to keep customers to come outside and order lunch.

Courtesy, BBQ Bus

Courtesy, BBQ Bus

With temperatures below freezing and snow on the ground, chefs say sometimes a special recipe will entice hungry patrons to come out from their heated offices.

“When the weather turns cool, we dish out some of our comfort food classics street-side, such as BBQ bacon meatloaf, Guinness-braised beef stew and chicken pot pie,” said Che Ruddell-Tabisola,
Co-Owner of BBQ Bus.

“The chicken pot pie in particular is one of our favorites because it’s based on a recipe Tadd’s grandfather served in his restaurant when Tadd (a co-owner of BBQ Bus) was growing up,” he said.

Boris Lambrev, owner of Holy Crepes, says his team travels to more locations as it gets colder, serving up customers that are still looking for food trucks as some pull their businesses from the street.

“We find that people still want food right outside their office,” Lambrev said. “Business actually picks up for us. We won’t slow down until after the holidays.”

But the biggest boost around the holidays for D.C. food trucks is the chance to cater the increasing number of private and special events.

“We’re very fortunate to receive a large number of catering requests during the holidays, and our BBQ Bus Bucks are popular Secret Santa gifts and stocking stuffers,” Tabisola said.

And if catering isn’t footing the bills, some food truck owners say they take the unique opportunity to park their trucks in places that see more traffic over the holiday season.
“We park at Tysons Corner on the weekends,” said Matthew Nunez, owner of The Mighty Dog food truck.
“Shoppers sure are hungry around the holidays.”

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