That Truck Grub is Famous: Fojol Brothers

Courtesy Fojol Brothers

Courtesy Fojol Brothers

The only D.C. food truck on Smithsonian Magazine’s list of the nation’s top 20 food trucks is one that takes creativity and runs with it, bringing unique dishes to the streets.

“The self-billed ‘traveling culinary carnival’ brings cuisine from mythical lands—Merlindia, Benethiopia and, most recently, Volathai—to the nation’s capital,” writes Smithsonian Magazine in the description.

According to the Fojol Brothers, meals are served over basmati rice in Merlindia, and vegetarian and meat stews are brought to customers who choose to “travel” to Benethiopia.

“Along with your plate of butter chicken, beef berbere or green green curry, the Fojols serve up a colorful fantasy, complete with costumes, mustaches and alter egos. The first truck, Merlindia, perhaps in a diplomatic move, arrived on the day of President Obama’s inauguration,” writes Smithsonian.

Launched on Jan. 20, 2009, the Fojol Brothers hit the streets from their home in Adams Morgan, hoping to bring something different to the mix.

Their meals are made with no preservatives, bringing a healthy twist to food on the go.

They hope to “bring together local communities through a dynamic food experience on D.C.’s streets,” according to their website.


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